Why should we get family photos taken? // Thoughts from a professional family photographer

You’ve got a decent camera. You’ve got a tripod. What’s wrong with self-timer?

You’ve got a decent phone camera. It’s always out. What’s wrong with capturing my family life like that?

Nothing is wrong with either of these things. You should do them both as much as possible!

But there are things you can’t capture like that. And those things are the most beautiful, intangible and poignant things. They are not events like Christmas morning in front of the tree or first day of the school year or Halloween dress-ups.

They’re the real life and love of your family, as your kids grow up and you evolve.

They’re the big family cuddles where everyone’s involved. They’re shared expressions between you and your children when everyone is connected and in the moment. They’re the real life action of tickles and chasing and laughter. They’re the in between moments when you’re not waiting for the shutter to go click. And they are so many other moments too.

And, unless you’re a professional portrait photographer, you won’t be able to capture these moments artistically or with the perfect light and setting. And let’s be totally honest here—you will probably have a lot of trouble getting your kids to do what you want!

That’s why portrait photographers like us exist. Because we can help you remember the preciousness of your family life as it changes—which is soooo quickly and soooo continuously. We want you to celebrate those things, rather than always focusing on events and achievements. Family is everything. And the gift of professional portrait photographs that really capture the essence of you is priceless and lasts forever. It’s both a legacy and a deep acknowledgement of who you are and what matters most.

Heartstory family photography Canberra
Heartstory family photography Canberra
Heartstory family photography Canberra