Our Community

As well as serving Canberra families, we are passionate about supporting charities, schools and community organisations and creating partnerships with other local businesses.

Local businesses

Don’t you love it when a friend recommends a service or a product to you, and you book or buy without a second thought because you trust them?

In the same way that friends help friends, business can be used as a platform to help community. We know our customers are renovating their homes, working on their fitness, looking for gifts made locally, and seeking expertise in parenting, health, legal and more. We love making our customers’ lives easier by recommending services and products to them, and even better when we can pass on a discount or gift them something they need.

We believe that selling, gifting and recommending services and products to people who want and need them is of use and help to the community. Let’s not keep each other a secret!

If you’re a local business owner and you’d like to collaborate with us, please get in touch on 0418 863 488. 

supporting local events

If you’re a school or charity and you need support from businesses in terms of products, donations and sponsorship, please get in touch with us! 

We have been supporting local schools, charities and events for nearly 15 years. We provide gift certificates and photography packages that can be auctioned or gifted to raise funds for your organisation. 

If you’re looking for sponsorship or donations, please get in touch on 0418 863 488. 


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