Our new nature inspired studio / Canberra baby photography

But it’s not always the best option for families with babies and toddlers, especially newborns and babies under the age of one.

Why outdoors shoots can be tricky for babies

  • At certain times of year, the times we shoot aren’t very baby friendly (ie, daylight savings, when the sun sets quite late and shoot times are when most parents are getting their little ones ready for bed)
  • At certain times of year, the weather isn’t very baby friendly (ie, winter, brrrr!)
  • Sometimes babies don’t quite act like their usual selves when they’re taken to a new outdoors location – they are distracted and stimulated by the light, the wind in the trees, and the colours and sounds around them. This means they might not smile as much as they usually do, or they might be quieter or even unsettled, depending on the baby.

Why studio shoots are better for babies

  • Studio sessions can take place during the day, at times that suit your baby’s routine.
  • The temperature in the studio is comfortable year round.
  • There are fewer distractions and it’s a calming, light-filled, baby-safe space which babies enjoy being in.

We’ve had a simple, natural light studio space for about 6 years, but just recently, we have done a major makeover to give it a look and feel that is calming, earthy, aesthetically interesting and inspired by nature.

Now, our studio images resemble our outdoors images more. There is more texture and depth, and a more tangible setting. But the same focus on emotive, authentic connections and personality.

Families that we’ve photographed in this space so far have absolutely loved it. 

How does it work

To find out more about the experience we provide, including our products and pricing, please visit the following pages:

The best time to have baby photos

There is no bad time for baby photos, but the recommended ages are:

  • 3-4 months, when they have enough head support to tolerate a few minutes of tummy time.
  • 6-8 months, when they’re sitting, but not crawling
  • 1+, when they’re full of personality and adventure (doesn’t matter whether they’re walking or not)

How to book

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