All about Heartstory studio sessions

Gone are the days of mottled fabric backdrops and awkward posing, a la Pixi Photo (rest in peace). 

Today, studio sessions can be just as fun, natural and authentic looking as outdoors portraits!

Our studio is nature-inspired, adaptable and has stunningly flattering natural light. It’s more like hanging out in a beautifully styled hotel room, than a photographic studio. We also have (photogenic) toys for babies and toddlers and we encourage you to bring your own too.  

We also have plenty of room for you to put your things (including prams, shoes and bags), hanging space and a change-table in the studio for little ones. 


There are a number of reasons as to why you might prefer a studio session over an outdoors session, for example:

  • Your little ones are quite small and being outside for your photo session might be distracting for them. (It’s true that often babies under 1 become so fascinated with the sights and sounds of the unfamiliar outside world that it might be harder to get big smiles out of them or to get them to look at you or the camera).
  • You’re concerned about the weather and would rather a neutral space where it doesn’t matter what you wear or what’s happening outside. (Some people like the cold, some people don’t, and same goes for hot weather – at least in the studio, you know it’s always comfortable!)
  • You’d rather have the intimate moments captured – cuddles, games and interaction between parents and siblings – rather than big scenic portraits. 
  • You’re not that into nature (and no judgement on this, Canberra can be very nature-y and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to sit on dirt, grass, rocks and logs and risk getting ants in their pants). 
  • You just love the look of our studio! We love that you love that and we think you should come and enjoy it! 
Our studio is suitable for all ages and different kinds of families, including small extended groups as well. We can fit up to a maximum of about 8 people in the studio, so do bear that in mind when making your decision. 

The studio is also the best place for pregnancy/maternity and newborn photos. Follow through for more specific info

And it is where we run all our special projects like Babies in Bonnets and Canberra Kids etc. 



A small selection of family photos taken in our studio